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Photo Archive --- Date:20020614

Cloudburst Hits Southwest China Municipality

A downpour has caused a catastrophic landslide and flooded a coal mine in the west of Chongqing Municipality, southwest China.

Chinese President Jiang Visited Iceland

Chinese President Jiang Zemin (R) is greeted on arrival in Iceland at Keflavik International Airport by President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson on June 14, 2002, kicking off a three-day visit to the westernmost country of Europe. [Xinhua]

Karzai Sweeps to Power as Head of Transitional Government

Hamid KarzaiŁ¬leader of Afghan interim government waves the crowd after being elected head of state, in Kabul, 13 June 2002. The Grand Assembly, or Loya Jirga is to select a transitional authority for Afghanistan until democratic elections take place in two years. (Xinhua Photo/ Zhao Peng)

The Last Day of Auto Exhibition Still Packed With Would-Be Car Buyers

A family of three watch a new model of Xiali sedan among thousands of would-be car buyers visiting the Seventh Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in the last day of the event in Beijing June 13, 2002. More than 500 latest models of automobiles were showed in the exhibition. (Xinhua Photo/Wang Jianhua)

Family Cars Increase in Beijing

Dozens of cars wait for green light at an intersection in Beijing June 13, 2002. Beijing will inject 90 billion yuan(US$11.25 billion) on the construction of communication in the coming five years to alleviate the pressue of auto increase on traffic. (Xinhua Photo/Pang Xinglei)

Jiang Zemin Meets Speaker of Estonian Parliament

Visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin (L) meets with Speaker of Estonian Parliament Toomas Savi at the Parliament House in Tallinn, Estonia June 13, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/ Ma Zhancheng)

World Food Summit Ends With Calls For Concrete Actions Against Unger

Jacques Diouf (third R.), Director-general of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (second R.) at the joint press conference of the four-day World Food Summit ended in Rome June 13, 2002. The summit adopted the declaration calling for ensuring concrete actions to achieve the 1996 summit goal of halving the number of the hungry worldwide by 2015. (Xinhua Photo/Song Jian)

Chinese Premier Calls for Alertness to Flooding

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji has called on people from four provinces along China's biggest river the Yangtze to be alert to the possibility of severe floods in the river valley.  

11th Panchen Lama Tours Lhasa

The 11th Panchen Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhist believers, toured Lhasa, capital of Tibet, Thursday.(Xinhua)  

Jiang Zemin Meets Estonian Prime Minister

Visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin (R) meets with Estonian Prime Minister Siim Kallas at the latter's residence in Tallinn, Estonia June 13, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/ Ma Zhancheng)

Chinese Naval Fleet Crosses Suez Canal

A Chinese naval fleet, composed of a missile guided destroyer "Qingdao" and a supply ship "Taicang", on Wednesday crossed the Suez Canal during its round-the-world voyage, the first in the Chinese Navy's history. (Xinhua) 

Senior Chinese Party Official Meets Zimbabwean Vice President

Wei Jianxing, a senior official of China's ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), met with Zimbabwean Vice President Joseph Msika on Wednesday in Harare to discuss enhancing inter-party relations as well as cooperation between their two countries. (Xinhua) 

Far Less than 100, White-Flag Dolphin in Yangtze River near Extinction

White-flag dolphin, an animal only live in China's Yangtze River and is more precious than giant panda, is at the edge of extinction, experts warned.(Xinhua)  

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