Chinese Fans Rest Hope on Mission Impossible

Costa Rica Beat China 2-0
Thousands of Chinese fans left the Kwangju Stadium in disappointment and despair, having nothing in their minds but resting advancing hope on mission impossible.

"China failed to accomplish a simple task, to beat Costa Rico. I can do nothing but put down my hope upon an impossible mission, to beat Brazil and Turkey in the next two games," said Zhou Ningche, who traveled about 2,000 kilometers from Ningxia Huizu Municipality of China to Kwangju.

Costa Rica spoiled China's debut match at the World Cup with a 2-0 win on Tuesday. Both goals came in the second half.

Less than 20,000 Chinese fans were estimated watching the game in the stands, comparing to about 1,000 Costa Rica's soccer fans.

Chinese Soccer Fans Arrive at Seoul
Most of the Chinese were wearing red shirts, waving red flags and red banners, the color same as that of the national flag, but left the stadium in silence after the loss.

"China was too nervous but they had shown their full strength," said Hong Xiangtao from Shenyang city, who brought a one-meter- diameter drum with him. The drumhead was damaged during the match.

"They should play better today here. We have so many Chinese fans on stands, just like those at the home field in Wulihe stadium in Shenyang," Hong added. Wulihe Stadium was the home court for China during the qualifying round.

Zhao Yu, a well-known writer in China, said, "We made too many stupid mistakes. It was too easy for Costa Rica to break through Chinese defense."

Some Chinese fans were angered as the national team left the field without even waving for their supporters.

"They were like spoiled children. They should show their gratefulness to us though they conceded two goals," said Chen Lianfu, a sculptor from Shenyang.

Others were magnanimous with their heroes. "We are underdogs in the World Cup. I will support my team no matter win or loss," said another Shenyang fan with a big drum on his back.

Li Ximing is from Beijing. "Our team had tried its best. Maybe the Chinese team is not the best team at the World Cup, but Chinese soccer fans are the best fans of the tournament," he said.

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