Chinese Starting Defenders Miss Training

China Team Under Training
Chinese starting center defenders Fan Zhiyi and Li Weifeng did not attend Monday's training due to injuries, but they promised to be fine at the opening game against Costa Rica.

Fan, former England's Crystal Palace defender, jogged with Qi Hong, starting midfielder who also had minor injury on leg, when other teammates taking regular training under orders of head coach Bora Miludinovic.

Fan strained muscle during previous trainings, but he said he recovered well and his injury would not affect his match on June 4.

Li Weifeng did not appear at the training camp on Monday because of recrudescence of his tympanitis.

China is at the bottom with Saudi Arabia on the list of the latest betting rate, with most people thinking nothing but the defence could help China earn one point or two in the World Cup finals.

Fan and Li set up the core of Chinese defence during China's qualification of the finals round. In addition, both scored in the qualifiers.

Backup center defenders Zhang Enhua and Du Wei are clearly of no comparison of the starters. Zhang is slow and Du has less international match experiences.

Qi Hong is one of the leading scorers of the Chinese team as Miludinovic likes using midfielders and defenders to offer as much as help to its less effective strikers.

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