China, Finland Call for Joint War against Global Crimes

Law experts from China and Finland Wednesday called for the early ratification of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organization Crime.

A report, highlighting the convention as the only "truly globalconvention in existence that establishes the framework for cooperation among all states against a broad range of crimes," wasadopted at the end of a three-day bilateral seminar in Beijing.

It states "all state should work towards timely ratification ofthe convention".

The report also calls for the need for resource re-allocation and personnel training in the implementation of the convention, the dissemination of convention knowledge among the related personnel and the enhancement of public awareness of the convention.

The convention, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2000, hasso far been signed by 141 countries and ratified by 11 nations. Ratification from a minimum of 40 countries is required for the convention to take effect.

Experts also suggested the strengthening of technical assistance to developing countries and countries in transition in order to assist them in full implementation of the convention.

There are no major obstacles in China's Criminal Law to the ratification, said Guo Jian'an, director of the Institute for Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Justice.

Nevertheless, he added, adjustments need to be made.

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