Chinese Motorcyclist to Climb Mt. Qomolangma

Chinese motorcyclist Chen Jianjun said Monday in Choangqing that he is confident to shatter his previous world record in climbing the world's highest peak Mt. Qomolangma by a special motorbike.

Chen and a 60-strong team for the assault on the peak are scheduled to set off for Tibet on Tuesday and, after getting things ready, Chen will set off from the 5,200-meter-high base camp to attack the 5,700m record he set in September, 2000.

Chen, 34, a registered rider affiliated to the Chinese Motorcycling Sport Association, has been involved in extreme motor biking for the last few years. He crossed the dangerous Taklimakan deserts in northwestern China in 1999, riding for some 700 kilometers in nine days.

Chen rode a modified motorbike and climbed Mt. Qomolangma twice in 2000, up to 5,600 meters in April, and 5,700m in September which stands as a record.

This year's event is sponsored by the Chongqing Kinlon Motorcycle Manufacturers Co. Ltd. of the Loncin (Group) Co. Ltd.

Mt. Qomolangma
Mt. Everest, also known as Mt. Qomolangma, meaning Goddess Third in Tibetan, is the highest peak in the world. The 8848 meters (29028 feet) high peak, snow capped throughout the year, lies at the border between China and Nepal.

The North Col of Everest is located in Tinggri (Shegar). Massive glaciers and seracs feature a thrilling splendor. The peak has been a holy climbing attraction for world's mountaineers.

In recent years, more and more mountaineers start from the Everest Base Camp trying to conquer the world's highest peak while tourists trek to the foot of the peak to enjoy its beauty. More

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