Taiwan Businessmen Return Home for Qingming Festival

A 126-member "Taiwan businessmen Qingming Festival home-going group" in Fujian Province left Xiamen directly for Jinmen (Quemoy) Islands by the "Tong'an" Ship on the morning of March 30. It is reported that the said group in the first batch returning home for the Qingming Festival (in early April) is composed mainly of Taiwan businessmen working in Fuzhou, Putian, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen.

At this time last year, Taiwan businessmen had prepared to go directly to Jinmen to sweep ancestral graves, but failed in the end. Finally, they had no alternative but returned home via Hong Kong and Macao.

This year, they are very happy because they can sail direct home to observe this traditional festival.

They expressed the hope that the "three direct links" of mail, trade and transportation can be realized at an early date, so that they can sweep ancestral graves in their hometown more smoothly and conveniently.

Reports say three more such batches of "Taiwan businessmen group" will leave Xiamen straight for Jinmen April 2 and 3, the total number is estimated to be 500 people. They will come back to Xiamen on April 7 and 10 in succession.

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

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