Cuba: US Economic Blockade Infringes on Human Rights

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Ramon Perez said the 40-year-long U.S. economic sanctions and embargoes against Cuba are a serious infringement upon the human rights of the Cuban people.

The economic blockade constitutes the largest obstacle for the Cuban people to realize their rights of development, Perez said Thursday. He is here to attend the 58th United Nations Conference on Human Rights.

The U.S. blockade has barred foreign companies from direct trade links with Cuba, and affected food supplies and survival of the Cuban people, Perez told Xinhua in an interview.

The Cuban foreign minister urged Washington to change its unpopular policy towards Cuba and lift the economic sanctions, which he said are sponsored by some rightist forces in the United States, but opposed by the U.S. public.

U.S. industrial circles have made repeated calls for an end to the sanctions as well as normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, he added.

Perez noted that the U.S. uses double standards on human rights issues, and has plotted many state human rights motions against developing countries, including Cuba, at the U.N. human rights conference.

Washington will surely pay for its practices, which have provoked widespread criticism throughout the world, he said.

Perez said Cuba has always made it a priority to ensure and improve the human rights of its people, and is willing to open dialogue and cooperate with the international community, as far as human rights issues are concerned.

The U.N. human rights conference should carry out reforms and redefine its goals and rules to prevent being used by certain countries as a venue to impose double standards on human rights, Perez said, while addressing the U.N. conference Tuesday as an honored guest.

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