Ministers Plant Trees Together in Beijing

Ministers Plant Trees Together in Beijing
Nearly 200 ministerial officials from various central government departments in Beijing planted over 800 trees in Zhongguancun area of Beijing Saturday in support of the nationwide spring tree planting drive.

Liu Jingmin, deputy mayor of Beijing, said more than 4,870 ministers and 49,840 bureau directors from various government departments have taken part in the national tree planting drive since 1982. They have planted a total of 30 million trees in 90 designated areas in Beijing.

In 1981, the Fourth Session of the Fifth National People's Congress approved a decision encouraging everyone over 11 years old to plant 3-5 trees every year. Since then, China's nationwide tree planting scheme has become one of the most successful efforts mankind has had to improve the ecological balance.

People throughout China planted 2.4 billion trees last year. The area covered by green plants in China's urban districts has risen to 28 percent. There is now an average of 6.8 square meters of green areas per person in China's urban areas.

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