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Photo Archive --- Date:20020308

Chinese Experts Report Breakthrough in Calve Cloning

Five calves are alive and in good health, even though nine other clones have died since they were born early this year, said Chen Dayuan, who led the research supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  

China Expects 9% Rise in Industrial Added Value

China's total industrial added value is expected to grow by nine percent this year, with investment in technological renovation likely to rise by 10 percent, a senior economic official said Friday.  

Zhao Lihong's Earlier Header Clinched Algarve Cup Title for China

An early goal by captain Zhao Lihong (1nd L)earned China the Algarve Cup for the second time in four years, beating Norway 1-0 to revenge the earlier defeat in the China Cup last January.  

President Jiang Meets HKSAR Chief Executive

Chinese President Jiang Zemin(L) shakes hands with Tung Chee Hwa, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR), during their meeting in Beijing Thursday, March 7, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/Ju Peng)

Prepare For Women's Day Celebration

An Afghan woman learns to use a camera, with which she will take pictures for next day's International Working Women's Day celebration, at the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Kabul March 07, 2002. It will be the first Women's Day celebration for Afghan women in five years. (Xinhua Photo/Aini Waer)

Care for the Well-Being of the People, says Chinese Vice-President

Chinese vice-president Hu Jintao Thursday urged government officials to care for the well-being of the people and do their best to improve their living standards.  

Premier Zhu Rongji Meets HKSAR Chief Executive

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji(R) meets Tung Chee hwa and hands to him the State Council decree on appointing him Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR) for the second term at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Thursday, March 7, 2002. (Xinhua Photo/Ma Zhancheng)

Group Discussion of CPPCC Members

Zhang Haidi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), delivers a speech at a group discussion Thursday, March 7, 2002. Zhang calls on the government to pay close attention to the construction of handicapped-accessible facilities and to ensure the study and normal life of handicapped students in universities. (Xinhua Photo/Ju Peng)

Premier Zhu Rongji Stresses Environmental Protection in Inner Mongolia

Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji(R2) attends the group discussion of deputies from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held in Beijing Thursday, March 7, 2002. Premier Zhu Rongji hears the opinions of deputies to the Report on the Work of the Government and delivers a speech. Premier Zhu calls on people in Inner Mongolia to exert themselves to protect the local eco-environment. (Xinhua Photo/Rao Aimin)

Ancient Bridge Under Protection

Visitors view the renovated 270-year-old bridge spanning 100 meters in Liancheng County in east China's Fujian Province March 6, 2002. The local authorities has protected well its over 10 such ancient bridges from the Ming and Qing dynasties( 1368-1911). (Xinhua Photo/Zhang Shenggui)

Puppet Calligraphy

Li Mingqing(C) manipulates a puppet in writting calligraphy among a group of rural people in Liancheng County in east China's Fujian Province March 7, 2002. Puppet artist Li Mingqing has received a certificate recently of the "'2001 Guinness Book of Records" for his creation of the so called "Puppet Calligraphy". (Xinhua Photo/Zhang Shenggui)

Primary Student Aged 20

The 20-year-old Wang Xier(C) smiles to her classmates at the No. 3 Primary School in Tianjin Municipality, north China March 7, 2002. The woman, a maidservant, had dropped out of school due to her poor family from northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. She is permitted by her host and the school authorties to learn at her eager request. (Xinhua Photo/Liu Haifeng)

Group Discussion of CPPCC Members

Wei Minglun, a CPPCC member from the culture and art circles, calls on his colleagues to create more animated cartoons for Chinese children during a group discussion held in Beijing Thursday, March 7, 2002.(PD Online Photo / Wang Jing)

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