First Direct Cargo Shipping Between Xiamen, Jinmen

A cargo ship laden with 1,900 tons of building materials set off from Xiamen in east China's Fujian Province Wednesday, directly heading for Jinmen, an island of Taiwan.

It marks the first direct cargo navigation across the Taiwan Straits.

The business deal was concluded last July by the Xiamen International Trade Group and his counterpart in Taiwan on the basis of spot investigation. To reduce cost of operation, the two sides tried their best to ship the goods through direct navigation.

In an interview with Xinhua, He Fulong, chairman of the Xiamen International Trade Group, said this is a heart-stiring event. It will facilitate trade between his company and Taiwan.

First mainland cargo ship arrives in Jinmen
March 31, 2001saw the mainland cargo ship "Boyun 221", started from Zhangzhou and loaded with granite pieces, arrived at the Liaoluo port of Jinmen (Kinmen), being the first one in decades and three months after direct passenger ship between Kinmen and Xiamen.

Coastal City Sees Closer Tie with Taiwan
A total of 4,281 residents from Jinmen (Quemoy) Island have visited the coastal city of Xiamen in the mainland since the Taiwan authorities approved "three mini links" across the Taiwan Straits early this year.

This figure accounts for about 10 percent of the population of Jinmen, according to sources from the Xiamen Municipal Office of Taiwan Affairs. Full Story

Maiden Voyage from China' Mainland to Matsu
China's first direct passenger ship "Shuguang" from Fujian's Mawei to Taiwan's Matsu began to set sail on August 2, indicating a substantial step forward for promoting the exchanges between Mawei and Matsu across the Straits. Full Story

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