Tung Chee Hwa Wins Overwhelming Nominations of EC Members

HK Communities Back Tung Chee Hwa for Second Term
Tung wins nomination of 702 members
Tung Chee Hwa handed in the Nomination Form for the 2002 Chief Executive Election of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Tuesday, with the overwhelming nomination of 796 Election Committee members.

Tung's Nomination Form carries the signatures of 706 members of the Election Committee, 702 of them have been verified as valid so far, according to the latest report from the Registration and Electoral Office of the Hong Kong SAR.

The Returning Officer, Justice Pang Kin-kee, has vetted the nomination form handed in by Tung Chee Hwa Tuesday and determines that Tung's nomination as a candidate in the 2002 Chief Executive election is valid.

Candidate qualification
To qualify for nomination as a candidate, a person must be a Hong Kong permanent resident aged 40 or over on July 1, 2002, a Chinese citizen with no right of abode in any foreign country, and has ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than 20 years before July 1, 2002.

Tung Chee Hwa Declares Candidacy for 2nd Term of Hong Kong Chief Executive
Each nomination form must bear the signatures of not less than 100 Election Committee members.

After handing in the Nomination Form, Tung said he is pleased to win nomination of over 700 Election Committee members.

Tung pledges better work
"This represents the support from various circles in the community to me and represents their high evaluation to me," said Tung at a media briefing after handing in the Nomination Form to the returning officer at the Registration and Electoral Office.

"If I win the election and get appointment as chief executive for the second term, I will carry out my pledge to all the people of Hong Kong to the letter and improve our administration," he said.

"Making use of the sound momentum of the economic growth of our country, I will work to ensure the economic restructuring of Hong Kong a success," he added.

Tung also pledged to protect the weak in the community and called on the community to unite and make concerted efforts to overcome the difficulty and achieve a higher height.

The two-week nomination period, started on February 15, is running until 5 pm on Thursday, February 28. A poll is scheduled for Sunday, March 24 if more than one candidate is validly nominated.

Feature: Tung Chee Hwa Seeks Second Term with Overwhelming Support
With overwhelming support from the community, Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa officially handed in his nomination form for a second term of office Tuesday morning.

Tung, accompanied by his electoral assistants, handed in the form with more than 700 nominations from 796 members of the Election Committee. Full Text

Full Text of Tung Chee Hwa's Re-election Speech
Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Tung Chee Hwa declared his candidacy for a second term late Thursday afternoon at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Here is the full text of Tung Chee Hwa's re-election speech. In His speech, Tung gave four priorities and promised more efforts in education and administrative cooperation. Tung sought vote of each and every elector and the full support of the community. Full Text

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