U.S. Formally Announces Defeat of Taliban

The United States on Tuesday formally announced that the Taliban has been completely defeated and can no longer control any territory in Afghanistan.

"I hereby determine as of this date that the Taliban controls no territory within Afghanistan and modify the description of the term 'territory of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban' to reflect that the Taliban controls no territory within Afghanistan, " U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said in a statement published in the Federal Register.

The statement is a technical amendment to a presidential order which imposed sanctions against the regime.

The order, issued by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, had covered restrictions on property and transactions within the " territory of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban."

Armitage's statement means that the above description in the order was no longer valid.

The judgment was made despite the fact the U.S. troops are still hunting down remnants of the Taliban, including its leader Mohammad Omar.

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