18 Traditional Industries to Be Renovated with Hi-tech Technologies

18 Traditional Industries to Be Renovated with Hi-tech Technologies in 2001-2005

During the Tenth five-year-plan period (2001-2005), China will launch a series of hi-tech reconstruction of 18 traditional industries, including metallurgy, machinery, oil and petrochemical, power, coal, light and textile industries and suchlike, disclosed Xie Xuren, vice director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) at a news conference in Beijing on November 15.

  • WTO entry brings opportunities and challenges
  • After China's entry into WTO, domestic enterprises are looking for more opportunities worldwide and at the same time confronted with more challenges. Hence, we should enhance domestic enterprises' innovative capabilities on technology, management, and system by informationization, thus to push the industrialization forward by informationization. And to step up hi-tech industrialization and rebuild traditional industries by using high technologies will be the key work in achieving the goals of using informationization as a motive to push ahead with the industrialization of China.

  • Goals and key work for the renovation
  • During the said period, Xie said, China will speed up and make a breakthrough the industrialization by greatly developing sci-tech technologies on electronic information, biology, new materials, new energy resources and manufacturing. Meanwhile, China will enhance the levels of production, management and control by using electronic information technology, develop the manufacturing industry by resorting to advanced technologies, and renew key and relevant technologies of key industries.

  • Main contents of policies and measures for the renovation
  • At present, China has adopted a series of policies and measures for the renovation of traditional industries. Main contents are as follows:

    1.Map out and implement the technological development plan for the said period, and lay stress on the innovation of key technologies;

    2.Offer more loan discount to technological innovation projects;

    3.Set great store by 20 to 30 large-sized enterprises and give them support for entering into World Top 500;

    4.Strengthen the technological innovation system centering round the enterprises, especially to set up technological centers for China's 520 key enterprises;

    5.Set up and perfect the talent motivation system.

    By PD Online staff member Huang Ying

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