Tenth 5-Year Plan of Industrial Structure Adjustment Published

China's State Economic and Trade Commission Friday published the "Tenth Five-year Plan of Industrial Structure Adjustment". Taking structural adjustment as the main theme while covering the whole of industry. It is China's first mid-term planning program in the new century.

As a general program of the "tenth five-year plans" the plan includes 14 industries published as follows: machinery, automobile, metallurgy, nonferrous metal industry, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industry, medicine, coal mining, building materials, light industry textiles, electric power and gold.

According to the plan, the general quality of China's industry will be obviously improved, international competitiveness and ability of sustainable development will be largely strengthened, and, the annual growth of industrial production is expected to reach about 9 percent during the "tenth five-year plan" period.

The structural adjustment will mainly start from following six aspects:

  • To improve the utility of state-owned capital through quickening the adjustment of national economic distribution

  • To strengthen international competitiveness by updating and perfecting the industrial structure

  • To improve the structures of enterprises by way of developing large companies and enterprise groups

  • To further implement the strategy of the massive development in western regions so as to promote coordinated development of regional economy

  • To lay stress on energy saving, advance the comprehensive use and full implementation of the sustainable development strategy

  • To promote industrialization by informationization.

  • By PD Online staff member Du Minghua

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