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Saturday, July 21, 2001, updated at 10:38(GMT+8)

Profile: Zhe Fu, A Chinese Environmentalist, Writer

Among the thousands of Chinese writers, Zhe Fu, the pen name of Sun Zhijian, is somewhat unique.

As one of the few environmentalist writers in the country, the 46 year-old man has been working hard to call for greater concerns about environmental issues among the public by writing novels and dramas.

Zhe Fu, a native of Beijing, the national capital, has been living and working in Taiyuan, the capital of north China's Shanxi Province. He loves writing and began publishing poems and novels at the age of 16.

"I started writing environmental protection novels in 1982, when I was working with a local studio on a TV drama, 'The Daughter of the Mountains and Forests'," the writer says. They shot the drama in Changbai Mountain, in northeast China, and were surprised to witness the damages human activity had brought about to the local environment. Since then, the man has turned into an environmentalist and only written about hazards to the environment.

So far, the 46 year-old novelist has produced a series of works dealing with the environment, in a total number of 10 million Chinese characters, including some best-sellers.

Some of his friends have tried in vain to persuade him not to merely work on environmental works, because most of these novels are hard to find many readers and bringing little economic returns to the author. The man has always given the same reply that environmental protection is of great importance to the human beings and as a novelist, he should sacrifice himself for the humanistic cause.

In fact, some of his novels have attracted lots of readers. For instance, over 1 million copies of "Sky Hunt" have been sold at home and abroad. "I'm so happy to hear that many American Chinese have read 'Sky Hunt'," he says.

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Among the thousands of Chinese writers, Zhe Fu, the pen name of Sun Zhijian, is somewhat unique.

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