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19991208 (58 Records)

China Indignant over US Sanctions
China, EU Agree to Extend Bilateral Textile Agreement
All Thanks to Their Beloved
Chinese League Distributes Awards
CUBA Open on Sunday
Seven-fold Increase of Investment Seen in Shanghai's Pudong
Development Trend of Online Banking Service Irresistible
Tax Rebate Index Increases 6.5 Billion Yuan to Encourage Export
Hi-tech Exports Promote Mainland Output
Indoor Pollution Report Released
Mars Probe Lost in Space
A Bird's Eye View of Baise
Li Peng Meets Japanese Guests
Tibet Strives to Achieve Basic Self-sufficiency in Grain, Oil and Meat
Beijing Builds More Public Libraries
State Development Bank to Issue Financial Bonds Tomorrow
Private Enterprise In Zhejiang Witness Fast-growing Exports
Ningxia Plans to Introduce More Foreign Fund
China to Provide $6M Interest-free Loan to Kenya
China Industry Witness Rapid Growth In November
Venues for 2002 World Cup
Graf Awarded Olympic Order
World Cup Qualifying Draw for Asia
Tang Dynasty Cultural Relics Unearthed in Inner Mongolia
1,000-year-old Section of Great Wall Confirmed in Shanxi
China Makes Huge Inkstone to Honor Macao's Return
Central China Peony to Blossom in Macao For Return Celebration
Literary Prize Named After Chinese Writer Lao She
Seagulls Put on Diet
Shaanxi to Build More Roads to Boost Tourism
China to Hold Int'l Scenic Spot, Resort Exhibition
Guizhou to Plant More Bamboo
Maldivian President Meets China's Top Consultant
Hu Jintao Urges Modernization of China's Archives Work
China to Create Ecological Demonstration Area in Inner Mongolia
Chi Haotian on Training of Foreign Military Officials
Wei Jianxing on Reform and Stability of Enterprises
Yeltsin's Visit to China Important
Zhu Rongji Meets Jordanian King
Li Peng Meets King of Jordan
China Against US Double Standard on Falun Gong Cult
China Reiterates Support for Russia's Action in Chechen
Three Reporters Die in Bus Accident in Guangxi
China to Push Forward Army Logistics Reform
China to Create Ecological Demonstration Area in Inner Mongolia
S. Korea Hong, Kong to Increase Economic Cooperation
China to Promote Education in Accordance with Law
Symposium on College Education Opened in Nanjing
Guangdong Police Chief Confident of Macao Security
Key Telecom Players Spearhead Internet Telephony Market in Asia
Technology Developed to Burn Garbage to Generate Electricity
Military Museum Receives Gold Foil Carried by Spaceship
China to Use "Green" Power-generating Technology
Experts Warn of Computer Virus
China to Improve Environment for Major Scientific Breakthroughs
China, Portugal on Macao's Role in UN Narcotics Commission
Namibian President Celebrates Landslide Victory in Elections
China to Provide $6M Interest-free Loan to Kenya

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