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Unite as One to Engage in Hard Work

This is the third article by Our Commentator on the guiding principle for this year's work of the whole Party and state.

Jiangsu Implements "Revenue-Expenditure Two-lines" Method for Unbudgeted Funds

Jiangsu Province is conscientiously implementing the instructions of the State Council and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection concerning strengthening management of unbudgeted capital, and resolutely carrying out the regulations of the Party Central Committee on implementing "revenue-expenditure two lines" in the four departments of public security, procuratorate, court, and industry and commerce.

Tianjin's Experience: Foreign Capital Be Used in Proper Places

During the Eighth-Five Year Plan period, Tianjin had a GDP merely at an annual average of 6.1%, then a percentage below the national. But when it came to the years 1993-97, it grew to an annual average of 13.5%, a much greater percentage over the national average in the way it took Tianjin less than four years to accomplish the task of quadrupling its production starting from 1980. An important practice by Tianjin is that an efficient rational use must be made of all foreign capital introduced, making it sure that it be used in places it has the greatest need so as to obtain the greatest economic returns from input.

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