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Second Special Inspectors Training Course Ends

The second special inspectors training course run by the State Council ended earlier. The special inspectors are set to inspect and oversee the key state enterprises.

Jiang Zemin Calls for Greater Contributions

Chinese President Jiang Zemin, general secretary of the Communist Party of CPC Central Committee called on scientists and technicians on January 8 to make greater contributions to the full-scale revitalization of the nation.

Senior Chinese Diplomat Rebuts US House Report

A senior Chinese diplomat rebutted in Washington on January 7 US allegations that the satellite launch under US-China cooperation had threatened US national security.

Wang Liqin Weeds out World No.1

Young Chinese table tennis player Wang Liqin surprisingly eliminated world No.1 Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus 3-0 (21:17, 21:4, 21:8) in Paris on January 7.

Jiang Zemin Stresses Development of Defense Technology

TChinese President Jiang Zemin, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), on January 8 urged the nation's defense industry to focus on coordinating the development of military technology and equipment with smaller investments and greater returns.   Jiang, who also serves as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks at a major conference sponsored by the General Equipment Department under the People's Liberation Army (PLA).   Jiang praised China's defense industry for successfully developing sophisticated equipment including nuclear weapons and rockets. He said the industry's efforts have established a solid foundation for safeguarding the national security and raising the nation's international status.   He noted that China faces both rare opportunities and crucial challenges in national defense and military modernization at a time when other countries are upgrading high-tech military hardwares. He stressed that the development of military science, technology and equipment represents the major criteria for ensuring the nation's national defense readiness.    TopNews 1999-01-09 Page1 Full Story in Chinese

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