In an Interview With a US News Week Correspondent, Jiang Zemin pointed out that during his visit to the United States last year, he and President Clinton made a joint decision: China and the United States concert their efforts to establish a constructive partnership. This decision sets the orientation and establishes a framework for the development of Sino-US relations in the 21st century.

An Exhibition on Lawyers’ Achievements With "Chinese Lawyers in the Surging Tide of Reform" as the Theme Opened in the Museum of Chinese History
Wei Jianxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, visited the exhibition, calling on lawyers to provide governments, enterprises and individuals with more legal services.

Doing a Good Job of Post-Graduates Education to Train High-Quality Personnel
This is the point Li Lanqing stressed at the 16th Session of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council.

History in Focus, an Exquisite Picture Album showing President Jiang Zemin's Visit to the United States Will Soon Come Off the Press
The album published in Chinese and English will be distributed on June 20 in a number of cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, as well as in Hongkong Special Administrative Region.

Actively but Steadily Pushing on Reform of the Urban Housing System
Vice-Premier Wen Jiabao stressed this point at the National Working Conference on Reform of the Urban Housing System and Housing Construction.

Strive to Establish a Constructive Sino-US Strategic Partnership
Our Commentator says US President Clinton forthcoming visit to China from June 25 to July 3 is seen as another major event in Sino-US relations following President Jiang Zemin’s visit to the United States last year. We believe President Clinton’s present visit will inject fresh vigor into the effort to establish a constructive Sino-US stratregic partnership. To this end , it is necessary to persistently use a strategic eye and long-term viewpoint to examine and handle Sino-US relationship; to actively seek ways to expand common interests; and to properly handle differences between the two countries in the spirit of showing mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences.

News in Brief
*Zhongbao Property Insurance Company Covers 15 Billion Yuan for Reserve State Cotton; * Shantou Deepwater Port Shugang (Harbor-Dredging) Railway Opens; * The Zhonganjiang Bridge in the Guizhou Section of the Zhuzhou-Liupanshui Double-Tracked Line Starts Construction; and *Shanghai Establishes 10 Special Tourist Lines.


State Economic and Trade Commission Publishes Its Work Opinion, Calling for Efforts to Make New Breakthroughs in the Reform and Development of State- Owned Enterprises This Year

The Tough Task of Rectifying the Practices of Arbitrary Collection of Charge and Indiscriminate Imposition of Fines and Unchecked Apportionment of Expenses in Order to Reduce Burden on Enterprises Has Been Basically Fulfilled
This year, efforts will be focused on rectifying the above-mentioned practices existing in power, railway and public security fields.

Sichuan Witnesses Rapid Growth in the Use of Foreign Capital ;
Fujian Maintains Steady Foreign Trade Development;
A New Tourist Force Rises in Heilongjiang Province Along the Sino-Russian Border

Bank of China Praised as China’s Best Domestic Bank

Where Does the Vigor of the Gold -Cup Passenger Car Come From?
Firstly, it comes from the fact that the gold-cup passenger light car has selected a good product which is technically advanced and suited to national conditions and to the level of Chinese people’s purchasing power. Secondly, it has realized the integration of the automobile industry with financial capital.

It Is an Urgent Task to Speed Up Construction of Urban Infrastructure Facilities

Guangdong Province’s Zhanjiang Fund Punishes Six Violators of Discipline and Law

Deputy General Manager of the Investment Bank Explains Reasons for Difficulty in Getting Railway Bonds

City Credit Cooperative of Dongyang City in Zhejiang Province Improves Credit Quality

News in Brief:
* The Ninth Harbin Business Talks Opens;
*Hongkong’s Kai Tak Airport Will Be Closed;
* The China Tax-Free Product Company Ranks Itself Among the World’s Top 50 Firms of Its Kind;
* Sixteen Projects of the Third Division of the Fifth Bureau under the Ministry of Railways Are Awarded


True Feeling and Deeper Love for the People
Wives of policemen talk about their husbands working in Harbin’s Donglai Street Police Station.

A Story About Unforgettable Friendship Between Armed Police and a Group of Students of Beijing Jingshan School

Inner Mongolia Makes Greater Effort to Select Young Cadres Through Public Recommendation and Assess Them Through Examination

A Total of 1,565 Police Teams Supervising Policemen Have Been Established Nationwide

Henan Province’s Yucheng County Has Been Working Hard to Create Model Public Security Counties by Grasping Grass-Roots Work to Lay a Solid Foundation for This Work and Ensure Social Security and Stability

Pictured Here Is Lu Xiushi, Political Commissar of Xiangfan Military Command Sub- Area, Who Brings With Him a Sum of 3,500 Yuan and Donates It to the Father of Li Guanjian, a Hero Who Was Wounded As He Courageously Rescued His Comrade-in- Arms During Removing Mines Along the Sino-Vietnamese Border

Public Security Organizations in Zhejiang Province’s Yuhuan County Builds A Strong Scientific and Technological Police Force.

Guangdong Province’s Shantou Pays Attention to the Training of Fire-Fighters
More than 50,000 key fire-fighters are active in grass-roots units.

* National Drug-Prohibition Exhibition Enters Internet;
* A Department of the Jinan Military Command Area Strengthens Ideological Work;
* Laid-Off Workers of Henan Province’s Zhenping County Doing Farm Work in the Countryside;
* Dandong Frontier Check Posts Raises Quality of Officers and Men;
* Public Security Force of Western Beijing Railway Station Rectifies Public Order;
* Shanghai Establishes a Medical and Health-Care Center for Members of Ex-servicemen and Revolutionary Martyres Families


"Walnut Cadre"
This article reports on the meritorious deeds of Zheng Yanpu, a senior engineer of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Anti-corruption and Establishment of Clean Government Should Start With Standing Committee Members
This is a piece of on-the-spot news reporting on the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Standing Committee Meeting, held on June 12 with the theme of "building an honest and clean government and launching a campaign against corrupt practices".

The Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, People's Daily and Guangming Daily jointly hold an informal discussion on " Floral Season (huaji) Rainy Season (yuji ), "The Raging Harbor (Ranshao De Gangwan) and two other good China-made films.

17 collectives are commended for their outstanding achievements in fighting against pornographic and other illegal publications last winter.

State Councilor Wu Yi Meets With British Guest

PLA Chief of the General Staff Fu Quanyou Meets with Kazakhstan Guest

Baoding Cadres' Sanatorium of the Logistics Department of Beijing Military Command Area built a culture center where the retired cadres can study and entertain themselves. (see photo)

CPPCC Standing Committee Members Visit the National Drug-Prohibition Exhibition


Controlling Desertification and Protecting Green land
Initiated by the State Forestry Administration, over 100 large and middle-sized cities carried out publicity activities on June 17, the World Day to Control Desertification and Drought.

Recently established Huiren Hospital, combining traditional Chinese and Western medicines, develops a series of comprehensive bio-tech therapies.

Wuhan Epilesy Disease Hospital, awarded title of "A Hospital Satisfactory to the Wuhan Citizens", is worthy of the name because of its fine quality, good service and reasonable price.

"Chinese Satellite No. 1" Successfully Positioned

Regulations of the PRC on Controlling the Export of Dual-purpose Nuclear Products and Related Technology

Order No. 245 signed by Zhu Rongji, Premier of the State Council of PRC, was published on June 1.

Publishing Departments Record Marked Achievements in Their Supporting Tibet Work
A group of excellent books about Tibetan history and culture will soon be published.

Heishijiao Bay has been devastatingly damaged by the construction of projects and filling of seas in recent years.

State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Speeds up the Renewal of China Topographic Map

Pictured here are former girl drop-outs who are now attending a class as a result of the Tibetan "Blue Sky and Spring Budding" Project, funded by China Air Force, Tibetan Women's Federation and other social organizations.


In a open letter to US Congress, former US Presidents George Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford call for maintaining a strategic relationship between the US and China .

Kosovo Issue,
*Yugoslav and Russia stress the need for a political solution to the Kosovo crisis.
*Albania is unsatisfied with the talks between Russian and Yugoslavian Presidents
*The United States forces Yugoslav to make more recession.
*Ethnic Albanian group of Kosovo agrees to negotiate with Serbia.

Prince Henry of Luxembourg met Jiang Chunyun, visiting Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China on Monday.

Vice-Chairman of German Social Democratic Party meets Dai Bingguo, member of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the delegation led by him.

Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa of Hongkong Special Administrative Region makes a speech in New Zealand, pointing out that the present situation in Hongkong demonstrates the success of the "one country, two systems" policy.

Israel cabinet members have different opinions on the issue of retreat form the West Bank, but 74% of the Israel people support the peace talk with Palestinians.

Wang Guangya , assistant to Chinese Foreign Minister, pointed out on Tuesday in Rome that the International Criminal Court must fully respect the sovereignty and security of the countries concerned.

The Summit of 15 EU leaders closed on Tuesday. The leaders held "intensive and beneficial " discussion on EU's internal affairs and the future of the organization.

In a letter to his fellow countrymen, Cambodian Prince Sihanouk calls on his people to take an active part in the coming general election.

Hua Mulan, a heroine in Chinese folklore, becomes a leading female role in a Disney cartoon named Hua Mulan.

An article analyzes the reasons for the civil war broken out in Guinea-Bissau since June 7 .

Photo: Yugoslav Milosevic shakes hands with Russian Foreign Minister before the he holds talks with his Russian Counterpart.

Photo: The First African Information and Communications Technology Exhibition in Burkina Faso.


The United States Business Circle calls on Congress to prolong the MFN status to China, in order to maintain and develop the normal business relationship between US and China.
Photo: Some members of the US Congress, government officials and the leaders of the business circles call on the Congress to prolong the MFN status to China.

The New York Times carries an article that criticizes the Japan and US governments' policy of noninterference in the devaluation of yen.

Following announcement of the news that Japanese and US governments will negotiate policy to stabilize yen, the exchange rate of yen soars.

A famous Japanese businessman thinks that Japan should prevent the devaluation of Japanese yen.

An Air New Zealand Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet made an emergency landing yesterday at Auckland International Airport after an engine caught fire caused by a bird crashing into it.

A private Argentina plane flies into the sky of the Falkland islands and is forced to land by British troops.

European Union Ambassador to China says that the dialogue between China and Europe helps to keep the stability of the world.

.The first of a serial reports on Western Europe's financial supervision and management.

An article points out that the devaluation of Japanese yen is worrying.

Photo: A representative of a US company is introducing a new kind of pager that will soon be put into the market.


Which Team Will Be A2?
Brazil has acquired the qualification to play the second round by a 3-0 victory over Morocco. Which team of Group A can be the other qualified one? If Brazilians do not forget their loss to Norway in the warm-up match, they should not let Norway score goals and thus Norway will soon be " kicked out". Scotland has the greatest possibility to be A2 if only it beats Morocco.

Austria Regains Life
Word Cup Group B team Austria and Chile ends in a draw by1-1. Austria goals at the very last minute of the match.

Pictured are Scotland and Norwegian Teams

Only the teams with creative method can win in World Cup games.

Dalian and Sichuan step into the second round of China Soccer Association Cup Match.
Chinese boxers make a historical breakthrough in the Eighth World Cup Boxing Championship.

We have a lot of things to learn form the World Cup.

The Titbits of the World Cup 98

Four coaches comment on their teams' performance after the two matches.


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