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Vice premier urges improved disaster prevention


11:44, February 18, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Friday called for more efforts to improve disaster prevention and relief capacity as severe drought and blizzard take the toll on the country's southwestern regions.

Hui made the remarks at a meeting on the topic held by the State Disaster Relief Commission, calling for government organs to implement all methods deployed in fighting such disasters.

Hui stressed the importance of addressing the needs of the people affected by distributing adequate disaster relief materials, including food, clothes, heating equipment for people in the disaster-hit regions.

Anticipating more arduous disaster relief missions over the next few years, Hui called for scientific planning, coordinated efforts and accelerating the construction of disaster monitoring and warning system.

According to figures from civil affairs authorities of southwest China's Yunnan Province, about 6.31 million people in 91 counties in the province have been affected by the drought.

Lingering heavy snow and high winds have been sweeping through southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, forcing more than 2,500 people to relocate as 689 houses were destroyed or damaged, and 20,000 heads of livestock were killed as of last Sunday, local officials said.

Local governments were urged to take measures to combat droughts and provide safe drinking water for residents in the disaster-hit zones.


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