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Chinese president calls for better co-op with Romania


13:00, August 13, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao (R) meets with Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc in Shenzhen, a city of south China's Guangdong Province, Aug. 12, 2011. Emil Boc is here to attend the opening ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade to be held on Friday evening. (Xinhua/Rao Aimin)

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao said here Friday China is ready to work with Romania to make positive progress in pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

Hu said China places importance on developing relations with Romania. He expressed the wish that the two countries should push forward cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, science, technology, agriculture and culture.

Hu made the remarks as he met with Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc who is here to attend the opening ceremony of the 2011 Summer Universiade.

"Romania is a good friend of China," Hu said.

Hu said the Chinese government has always supported well-established Chinese companies to participate in construction of infrastructure in Romania. He expressed the wish that the two countries should increase investment in each other so as to promote their economic growth.

Hu pointed out that the people of China and Romania share deep-rooted traditional friendship. He said since the two countries established diplomatic links more than 60 years ago, bilateral links have grown steadily. He said the two sides took care of each other's concern, understand and support each other.

Hu noted that in 2004, the two countries lift their relations to a comprehensive, friendly and cooperative partnership by reach broad consensus on reinforcing friendship and expanding pragmatic cooperation.

Hu welcomed Boc to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Universiade. He thanked Boc for handing over to him a letter from Romanian President Traian Basescu. He expressed appreciation on President Basescu for attaching great importance to developing bilateral relations with China.

Boc said Romania and China share a time-honored relationship as bilateral links grew smoothly and people-to-people links deepened over the past more than 60 years. He said Romania is ready to work with China to further develop bilateral links and traditional friendship by strengthening pragmatic cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, electricity, transport, agriculture and culture. He expressed the readiness to carry out major the cooperative projects that the two sides have agreed upon, saying Romania welcomes more Chinese companies to invest and set up businesses in the country.

China and Romania established diplomatic relations three days after the founding of new China in 1949. Over the past more than six decades, bilateral links have weathered changes of the international situation and internal conditions of both countries. The people of the two countries have shared time-honored friendship as they always respect, understand, support and treat each other as equals.

Over the years, leaders of the two countries have maintained frequent contact. Chinese President Hu visited Romania in 2004 as the two countries established a comprehensive, friendly and cooperative partnership. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visited the country in 2009. The latest visit by senior Chinese leaders to Romania was in April, when Li Changchun went to Bucharest in the capacity of Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee.

Boc visited China in 2006. This was the first time that Boc visited China since he assumed office of the Prime Minister in 2009.

In the past decade, trade volume between the two countries have increased by ten folds with Romania exports to China growing by big margin. Under support of the government, Chinese companies have steadily increased investment in Romania. The two sides have carried out mutually beneficial cooperation in the areas of culture, science, technology, education and military exchanges. They have maintained sound coordination and communication on regional and international issues.


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