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Changing psychology of consumers

By Wang Wen (China Daily)

14:50, January 03, 2012

When it comes to luxury goods, Chinese consumers are now more price-sensitive than in the early days when luxury stores were new to the mainland.

"They now make themselves heard and do not hold back their complaints when it comes to dissatisfaction with the prices, product quality and after sales services," observed Zhou Ting, executive director of the Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services at University of International Business and Economics.

But the luxury brands have stuck to their old mindsets and neglected the changing psychology of China's consumers, she said.

The most obvious bone of contention is the price. Chinese consumers are now aware of the massive price gap between luxury items sold on the Chinese mainland and elsewhere in the world.

For the same luxury items, ranging from watches, luggage, clothes, wine and electronic goods, the prices can be up to 51 percent more expensive in China than the United States and 71 percent more than in France, according to the statistics from the Ministry of Commerce.

"I have been tempted by luxury items on the mainland, but I have never bought any," said Candy Wan, a typical white-collar worker in Beijing, who spent 4,000 yuan ($632) on a French brand purse in Hong Kong in December. Wan said she had waited months before acquiring the item, as it is 2,000 yuan more expensive in Beijing.

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They also usually go on sale in the U.S. to clear out previous season[s] or years inventory. China could likely manufacture well designed and functional purses - the designs and purse interiors could be displayed on the internet before production to get customer feedback.

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