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Strip show at son's wedding lands dad in jail

(Shanghai Daily)

19:00, December 09, 2011

A FATHER in eastern China's Jiangsu Province got more than he bargained for after hiring strippers to perform at his son's wedding – he received a criminal sentence too, China News Agency reported yesterday.

Zhang Cheng, a villager of Fengxian County, asked strip performance provider Li Wei to unleash a "special performance" in front of wedding guests at around 10pm on his son's special day in October.

Word of the spectacle spread like a wildfire, and more than 200 villagers flocked to the reception in about five minutes to watch the performance.

Zhang was reportedly very satisfied with the effect and paid all the money to Li at the scene.

However, Zhang was reported to the police and was arrested the very next day. He and Li were subsequently found guilty of organizing a pornographic performance.

Zhang was sentenced to six months in prison with a one-year reprieve, while Li was sentenced to five months of forced labor with an eight-month reprieve.

The county court said that Zhang hired Li's troupe to perform at his son's wedding at a price of 1,700 yuan (US$267).

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