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My fiancé was a fraud


08:54, October 28, 2011 advertises itself as a serious dating platform.

Three months before her 30th birthday, Wendy Tang decided to try her luck in love. She wanted to find a suitable husband and signed up with a popular online agency, which advertised itself as the country's largest serious online dating service provider.

She paid around 300 yuan ($47) for a three-month package that allowed her to browse through the profiles and e-mail details of men listed with the agency. "Given my age, there's a lot of pressure from my family urging me to tie the knot. But as a non-local, my sources are quite limited. Because traditional matchmaking agencies are kind of awkward for me to visit, I chose the online agency, which, I believed, was very reputable and trustworthy," Tang told the Global Times.

Then, like a fairy story, just before her birthday, a man of the same age sent her an e-mail through the agency and invited her to dinner. Tang grabbed the opportunity and found the man attractive – he had graduated from a leading university in Shanghai and worked as a senior manager at a big company.

Things went smoothly for them and a month later, Tang was sharing with her closest friends the news that she had a boyfriend, who would possibly be her future husband. But, just after she had told her friends of her hopes, her dreams were shattered.

The man had been honest when he talked about his work but he had not been honest when he described himself as single. "Upon hearing that he used to work for a multinational auditing firm, my friend said she knew people working there and we could find out more about his personality. However, what we found out was that he was the father of a 2-year-old boy," Tang said.

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