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Secret shame now in the public eye (5)

(Beijing Review)

09:00, October 21, 2011

Aid channels

"All perpetrators of domestic violence have this or that psychological problem," said Wang Xingjuan, founder of the Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center, a non-profit organization in Beijing. "We have to provide channels that allow victims to protect themselves before we start treating the abusers."

Wang explained over the last 10 years, more and more social aid channels, such as legal aid and social and medical interventions, have become available to victims.

"We've been trying to launch pilot programs, through which we help women organize their own self-help groups," Wang said.

In August 2008, a court in Wuxi, east China's Jiangsu Province, issued an order prohibiting a husband from beating or intimidating his wife. This was the first time a court granted judicial protection for personal safety within marriage.

In November 2009, Shanghai established an aid center against domestic violence, the first in China, to offer temporary accommodation for victims. Several aid centers of this kind were set up in other regions of the country.

"This is far from sufficient, compared to the number of victims, what we have done is not even close to meeting the need. The aid centers are also facing some operational difficulties," Wang said.

During the first month of its operations, the Shanghai aid center received nobody at all. "I wanted to turn to it for help but the admission procedures are too complex and rigorous," said a woman with the surname Zhu who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

It's stipulated to enter the facility, an applicant needs to go to the police to fill in a form and to get proof of he or she having been attacked from the local community office.

"I think it is my privacy and I don't want so many people to know that," Zhu said.

"This is also the reason that it is hard for the police to effectively deal with domestic violence," said Liu, the attorney. "Police officers aren't trained to intervene in domestic disputes; they don't know how to deal with it."

Liu said the most tragic example was that of Dong Shanshan, a 26-year-old woman who was beaten to death last year by her husband even though she called the police several times.

Women's organizations responded to Dong's death by demanding more effective legislation on domestic violence.

On August 14, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, said it had started drafting an anti-domestic violence law. It will be the country's first special law on domestic violence.

Jiang Yue'e from the ACWF said, "The ACWF is assisting in drafting the law. In order to accelerate the legislative process, the federation has drafted a proposed version of the law and hopes it will provide a reference for legislators."

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ASEAN at 2011-10-24220.255.1.*
Observer, it seems that you are a real idiot. Your conclusion that China has a long way in becoming a civilised country with attitudes that it is okay to physically assault one"s spouse prove so. Your simple analysis of a situation prove so. Which country in this world does not have domestic violence ? Only an idiot would think such a thing. You means you stay in a country that does not have any domestic violence ? May I know the country that you are living ? Since you are an idiot, please don"t come to this website. This website is means for people with intelligence and profound understanding of the world affairs. Not for an idiot like you.
PD User at 2011-10-2494.195.123.*
What a lot of rubbish! Domestic violences against women happen everyday across the world. Alcohol abuse is one of the major causes.
LovingChina at 2011-10-24183.39.46.*
This lunatic LiYang has to be locked up for psychiatric treatments before it gets dangerous to the public. By the way, this has nothing to do with civilisation and civility of Chinese men and women nor China"s civilisation. Perhaps, ‘observer’ had not lived long enough in a western world to justify what being observed or read about assaults of spouses in the all white and black dominated nations where conditions for filing of divorces are far higher than it could imagine. Of course, it is equally shameful and disgraceful to note that quite a number of local Chinese women weren"t able to differentiate foreigners between mid-easterners and westerners (* just because these guys carried some USD or foreign notes *). It is hoped that CPC"s new cultural drive can fix a portion of such naivety & mental illnesses, at least!
Observer at 2011-10-24203.177.74.*
China has long way in becoming a civilized country with attitudes that it is okay to physically assault ones spouse. My friends say they like Americans because they think Chinese women are pretty while Chinese men think they are ugly. Only an idiot would think such a thing.

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