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Gansu's road extension (3)

(Global Times)

11:16, September 28, 2011

In a previous interview with Xinhua, Zhang Zhiyong, an executive deputy director of the project, argued it was impossible that shoddy work and inferior materials were used during the construction, but he shied away from answering questions on management loopholes.

The Gansu Provincial Communications Science Research Institute Co, which was in charge of the project's acceptance inspection, declined to comment on the issue when contacted by the Global Times.

China has been blighted by the so-called jerry-built projects in recent years.

In one of the most notorious cases, a newly built residential building in Shanghai collapsed in June 2009 due to an arbitrary change of design and shoddy construction, causing one worker's death.

Eight people received sentences for the accident, including Que Jingde, who held a local government post at that time and confessed to graft involving more than 40 million yuan.

A similar case happened in July in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, where a residential complex was ordered to be demolished due to its inferior quality two months after completion of its main construction.

Local authorities ordered an immediate rebuild after the demolition, as the complex had been designated for resettlement, but no parties have been found to bear liability for the case.

The People's Daily commented that in many infrastructure projects, the local government plays the role of both investor and supervisor, greatly hindering the effectiveness of project inspections.

"Meanwhile, the real investors of those projects are the taxpayers who have little say in the whole process from bidding and inspection to the completion of the project. The lack of public monitoring leads to fraud in those projects," it added.

Shi noted that an independent inspection group should be set up to supervise every step of infrastructure projects to minimize corruption and help improve project quality.

Liu Linlin contributed to this story

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