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Gansu's road extension (2)

(Global Times)

11:16, September 28, 2011

Wu pledged that the government would continue its investigation to determine who was to blame, and the probe result would be made public at the proper time.
The press conference ended without a question and answer session.

"Based on the samples taken after repairing and related tests, the highway is now qualified for transportation and those problems will not appear again," Tan Yingpeng, director of the engineering department with the Gansu Provincial Communication Department, told the Global Times.

Tan insisted that authorities conducted inspections on the highway before its opening in May, and no problems were detected at that time.

However, the explanation left the public far from satisfied.

Shi Qixin, a professor with the Institute of Transportation Engineering at Tsinghua University, told the Global Times that if the inspections had been conducted properly, the highway would not have been opened in May.

"All those quality problems could have been spotted during the checks, but apparently those in charge of inspections failed in their responsibility," Shi said.

"There must be some fraud involved in such a short-lived highway. If investigators do their homework, they can dig it out," Li Xinding, a truck driver in Tianshui, told the Xinhua News Agency.

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