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Lawyer wronged in sex case exposure

(Shanghai Daily)

08:40, September 28, 2011

A Beijing lawyer is demanding an apology from a television station in east China after it broadcast a picture of him, saying it was the face of the man alleged to have kept six women as sex slaves.

Shangdong Television used the picture of Wang Jin, of Beijing City Linkzone Law Firm, in a news program about the sex slave scandal last Friday, claiming the face was that of suspect Li Hao.

The video was later posted online and appeared in the first report on the scandal on search engine

Wang said: "I received numerous calls from friends and relatives asking me whether I had any relationship with the case and the suspect."

He said his picture was available only on the law firm's website alongside his name and an introduction, so using it wrongly was carelessness on the part of the TV station.

He said: "They must have picked the picture randomly from the Internet and used it because a picture of the suspect is unavailable."

Wang is asking the station to apologize on the same program and admit the mistake, because his life and work have been seriously affected.

He said: "Whenever I watch news about the case, I fear some people may take me for the suspect." He also fears future clients will be reluctant to hire him.

However, he said the station has not responded to him.

An official at the station said the case was being investigated and it would respond soon. She refused to comment further.

Li Hao, a former official of the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in Luoyang, Henan Province, allegedly kept six women as sex slaves for two years in a dungeon, killing two of them. He is accused of forcing them into prostitution and featuring them in pornographic videos put on the Internet for profit.


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RUDAoMzKYleywXThLl at 2012-02-0795.143.41.*
How true it is. Seen so many girls give the peace or V sign or whvaeter it is for pictures during my time in Asia. Made me laugh out loud, but Im not gonna use that stupid internet acronym do describe it.

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