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Mao's grandson now teaching

(Shanghai Daily)

09:30, September 20, 2011

NEWS that late Chairman Mao Zedong's grandson is teaching freshmen at a college in Guangzhou, the capital of city Guangdong Province, has raised questions among the public over whether he is qualified for the post.

Mao Xinyu is a guest professor and honorary dean of the private Sontan College, attached to the public Guangzhou University.

The 41-year-old became China's youngest-ever general last year. He majors in military strategies as well as theories of his grandfather.

Mao Xinyu was invited to take a part-time teaching position to help look after 65 freshmen majoring in administrative management.

But some web users have questioned the appointment, claiming his academic background is unsuited to the job.

"I don't believe he knows much about people's lives. His life only seems to be talking about the works of his grandpa," said an anonymous web user at

Mao addressed his students at a semester opening ceremony at the college over the weekend, Guangzhou Daily reported.

During his speech, Mao gave details of his microblog account and encouraged students to follow him and discuss their troubles with him at anytime by private messaging on the platform.

The young general chose to open his real-named account at, the website for People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

He said he would like to give more classes specializing in introducing the military theories of Chairman Mao and philosophy.

"Please inform me of students in need of help and I will cooperate with you," Mao told the full-time class teacher.

Guangzhou Daily reported that Mao was warmly welcomed by his students and many said they felt proud.

Gu Xiaoming, a sociology professor with Fudan University, said the public should not be prejudiced against celebrities taking college positions.

"So long as Mao Xinyu makes an effort to become a responsible teacher, he should be given a chance like anyone else," Gu said.

Mao Xinyu was invited to be a guest professor at the college after his mother, General Shao Hua, became college dean in 2007.


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William Stuyvesant at 2012-03-0794.109.246.*
I have a great respect for Mao Zedong. When I was a boy of 12 years old, Mao Zedong passed away and I wrote a letter of condolence to the Chinese Embassy. That Mao"s grandson teachesMao Zedong’s theories is fantastic; I don’t know the appraisal of Mao Zedong by present day Chinese people, but for me he was a genius as he united China against the Japanese, the British and the Japanese. Mao laid the foundation of an independent and strong China.
helen at 2011-09-21141.0.9.*
Unlike children of some leaders who take advantage of their parents" positions to enter businesses, those of Mao are not betraying the ideals of their ancestors.It is good for Mao"s descendants to contribute to China.
师表 at 2011-09-2061.150.95.*
师表 at 2011-09-2061.150.95.*

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