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Guo Meimei stirs more eyeballs

(Shanghai Daily)

09:56, September 14, 2011

GUO Meimei, the woman at the heart of the scandal involving the Red Cross Society of China, has ignited more controversy with further media interviews in what people suspect is part of a strategy to achieve celebrity status.

Fashion magazine Marie Claire China published an "exclusive" interview, alongside studio photographs, in which the 20-year-old confessed: "I enjoy standing on the stage with all eyes on me."

She added: "After so many incidents, my mother and I considered going abroad."

Guo also claimed her wealth is the result of successful stock market speculation by her mother, Guo Dengfeng.

She protested her innocence of any love affair with Wang Jun, the 45-year-old former board member of a company that organizes Red Cross projects.

The magazine was immediately accused of "losing the baseline of morality" by releasing unverified and sensational contents.

Wu Ang, an independent columnist, said the magazine should be condemned for glorifying a "mistress in the Red Cross Society of China as a celebrity of the upper class."

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