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PLA singer says sorry

(Global Times)

08:56, September 09, 2011

People stand near two cars in a residental area in Beijing's Haidian District on Wednesday after they blocked two drivers from fleeing the scene where they beat a couple in a brawl. One of the drivers was Li Tianyi, the son of famous singer Li Shuangjiang. Photo: CFP

Famous singer Li Shuangjiang Thursday apologized to a couple that were beaten by his son, after public anger swelled against the so-called 'rich second generation.'

"As the father, I bear the responsibility for my son's behavior. I'm so sorry that I'd rather now be beaten by you," said Li, as pictures surfaced of him sitting with the couple in hospital.

"I will not condone my son's faults, and there will be a settlement," said Li, 72, dean at the Music Department of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts.

The brawl happened on Tuesday evening as the couple were driving into their residential community in Beijing's Haidian district.

"We slowed down at the gate of the community. Then we heard a car braking suddenly behind us. We saw a BMW and an Audi. My husband went out to argue with them, then the brawl started," the wife, surnamed Yang, told the Global Times.

Witnesses say the two male drivers beat them for nearly three minutes while the couple's 5-year-old son watched on from the car.

"My husband had to get nine stitches on his forehead and two on the back of his head. He also has injuries to his nose and right eye," said Yang, whose head was swaddled in gauze.

The Beijing News reported that one of the drivers was Li Shuangjiang's 15-year-old son, Li Tianyi, who does not have a driving license. His car, a customized BMW coupe, had no license plate.

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wende at 2011-09-1071.251.42.*
These rich brats and those children of officials ought to be taught the virtue of humility and it is not right to think that they are above the law. Everyone is equal in front of the law. This is a very important item facing China"s judiciary.
sad at 2011-09-09110.159.253.*
This is what happens when you spoil your child and give him no responsibility of money.

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