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Niu Niu bursts into song

By Xu Wenwen   (Shanghai Daily)

09:18, September 08, 2011

Giorgia Fumanti gives Niu Niu gifts at a hospital in Hangzhou. The singing star has been touched by the story of the toddler who survived a fall from her apartment.

Italian soprano Giorgia Fumanti, who sang the Shanghai World Expo theme song "Better City, Better Life," yesterday visited a toddler who had survived a fall from a 10th-floor apartment.

Two-year-old Zhang Fangyu, better known by her nickname Niu Niu, fell out the window of her home in Hangzhou more than two months ago.

She was saved by a young mother who rushed to catch her with outstretched arms.

Fumanti became aware of the story of the little girl when she was in Italy, and visited Niu Niu at the suggestion of Radio Voice of The West Lake, a local radio station that had invited her to judge a singing competition.

Fumanti brought Niu Niu a gift box containing several toys, and sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "ABC" and Chinese song "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" for Niu Niu.

The toddler was at first timid at seeing the stranger but later said hello to her and sang the Chinese version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for her famous visitor.

Fumanti said she has a daughter the same age as Niu Niu, and she, too, would have stretched out her arms to save her had she been there.

"It's very touching for me, as a mom, to see that this little girl survived such a difficult experience, and it is good to know that everything is going well," Fumanti said.

When the singer was about to leave, Niu Niu, with her father's help, walked her to the lift.

Niu Niu is currently in the No. 2 Hospital of Zhejiang University's School of Medicine.

The toddler is making great progress and can stand on her own and walk on her own for up to 20 meters. Her vision has returned to normal and all her fractures had healed, medical staff said.

Wu Juping, the woman who saved Niu Niu's life, is also recovering well.

She suffered multiple fractures to her left arm.


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ming chu at 2011-09-0975.247.202.*
If you were the sole winner of a record lottery jackpot of $ 500,000,000 ( 5 hundred millions ) in the USA , is it luck or a miracle ? Miracle -------SOMEBODY caught two-years-old Niu Niu falling 10 stories high .

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