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Wife accuses 'Crazy English' founder

(Shanghai Daily)

08:22, September 06, 2011

Li Yang, the founder of "Crazy English" who became a favorite with many Chinese students for his slogan "I enjoy losing my face," is now accused of hitting his wife in her face.

A woman claiming to be Kim Lee, Li's American wife, complained on her microblog on that Li "slammed her head on the floor in front of their three children" and attached photographs showing bruises on her head and knees.

"I love losing my face = I love hitting my wife's face?" the woman blogged. "Love China, love yourself, do not use violence toward me in front of our child."

Her microblog entries have been forwarded some 10,000 times, sparking heated discussion and shock that Li could have resorted to such violence.

Li became famous with many Chinese students for inventing his "Crazy English" teaching method that some have likened to tent revivalists. He is also famous for his motto: "Let 1.3 billion Chinese people speak fluent English. Let the voice of China echo around the world."

Last night, Lee added more details. "You knocked me to the floor. You sat on my back. You choked my neck with both hands and slammed my head into the floor," she wrote, "When I pried your hands from my neck you grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the floor 10 more times!"

The woman said she was going to divorce Li "for the sake of their girls" because she didn't want to see them "growing up feeling this is normal behavior."

She said she had alerted police, who "were shocked but efficient and kind to send her to the hospital" for checks. "I was in the hospital alone and you were in a TV studio like nothing happened. This is not right!" she blogged at 8:52pm yesterday.

Thousands of posts encouraged her to leave him. One poster wrote: "He doesn't just teach Crazy English. He is crazy!"

Others claimed Li was a hypocrite who never loved his wife. Lee responded: "I know the truth. He said this in TV/magazine interviews, too. Privately he told me it was just to promote his image."

Li has so far not responded to the accusations. His latest microblog entry was to say "the Crazy English Headquarter has been established in Beijing."

"Li Yang, Your silence today says everything," Lee wrote last night.


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