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Falling in love in four days

(Global Times)

09:19, August 23, 2011

Fast food, instant messaging, express delivery, digital photos, life is certainly moving faster than ever as people have come to expect immediate gratification. And in China people have found a way to move even faster through the new trend of flash marriages - couples who get married after dating for less than seven months.

Flash marriages are not rare these days, but a couple who wed a few days ago broke the record for the shortest courtship ever. The two strangers decided to wed after knowing each other for only four days. The couple had never met face to face but only communicated through microblogging.

The 25-year-old girl, who lives in Shanghai, flew to Chengdu last week and married a photographer who proposed to her publicly on his microblog. "If I propose, will you say yes?" the "groom" asked. "If you propose publicly, I'll marry you tomorrow!" the "bride" replied. After the couple decided to get married, a screenshot of the dialogue was forwarded more than 20,000 times and received 4,000 comments.

In some eyes, a flash marriage may signify romance and the passion of youth, but as far as I am concerned, such impulses are not a solid foundation for a healthy marriage. "Someone told me marriage is a sudden impulse," the girl wrote on her microblog. The 31-year-old photographer admitted on his microblog that the proposal was like a dream, and he never thought he would be involved in such a quick courtship.

Young people often take marriage for granted, and believe as long as they are attracted at first sight, all the feelings and emotions can be gradually cultivated over the course of the marriage. However, the limited life experience this new husband and wife have and the fact marriage involves compromise and sacrifice mean that they have many challenges ahead where decisions, no matter how big or small, can result in heated arguments. The vows of marriage state that people should remain together "for better or for worse." But as the young groom said on his microblog, "Life is short and I'd rather continue this mistake."

Apart from the breaking-in period, the couple also need to bear an old saying in mind, that is, "marriage is the bringing together of two families rather than two people." These two young people had never met each other before, and have yet to meet each other's parents. The girl admitted when she told her parents, they could not understand, and it was not easy for her to win their blessing.

Since the couple live 1,658 kilometers away from each other, they need to worry about the change this marriage will not only bring to them but also their families and friends, not to mention their jobs. They have potentially different values, ideals, and living habits which might be fun to discover when you are getting to know each other, but could become very annoying when you realize this is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Though I have my own concerns about their flash marriage, I still hope they can learn to manage their new life together.

After all, we all hope couples can live happily ever after no matter if it's a flash marriage or not.


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