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No gold medal in literature

(People's Daily Online)

13:10, October 12, 2012

Many people in China were excited by the “Nobel Prize” gose to Mo Yan. In fact, our compatriots have been chronically anxious for the Nobel Prize in Literature. For years, the awarding of the Prize to a Chinese has been considered as recognition of the Chinese literature by the world, which stems from the lack of confidence.
  There is a Chinese saying that goes “championship in martial arts can be taken through competition, but that is not the case in literary works.” Numerous writers around the world are by no means a bunch of pupils and the laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature are definitely unqualified as the teacher who reads and judges compositions. Qualities of stories and articles are up to the reader to feel. Their feelings are unlikely to be unified and evaluated to be good or not by criterion.
  A literature prize just reflects a specific type of works a specific group of readers like. Some people even bring a writer to the fore with the purpose of gaining more attention and profits politically or economically. Chiense readers could hardly play foreign lottery website games nor gain any economic profits no matter how loudly they clamor. Those who clamor are not serious but hateful. While being irresponsible, they refuse to be quiet as if being quiet would drive them to distraction.
  Mo Yan has expressed his views and went back to his hometown under the media pressure. So people are well-advised not to talk randomly and anticipate eagerly. Were Li Bai, Du Pu or Cao Xueqin still alive, they must have been desperately upset by these things. How good it is to be focused on writing and living, and why are the writers teased and used by some persons to make money?
  The desire for gold medal in our country has reached an unprecedented level recently. But there is really no need to pursue gold medal in literature, and it is better not to compete and stir up turmoil. Writers just continue to write and live. It will suffice for writers to write stories that match their feelings and lives, and for readers to buy good books and make interesting reading. 

Source:Beijing Evening News

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