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With a population of over 1.3 billion and a landmass of 9,600,000 square kilometres, China is the third largest country in the world, whose administration sometimes can be very complicated and hard to understand. In order to help netizens better understand it, People’s Daily Online has founded the following bilingual database of China’s ministries which are the main organs under the State Council that administrate the everyday operation of the government.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs(外交部)Ministry of Foreign Affairs(外交部)
  2. Ministry Of National Defense (国防部)Ministry Of National Defense (国防部)
  3. National Development and Reform Commission (国家发改委)National Development and Reform Commission (国家发改委)
  4. Ministry of Education (教育部)Ministry of Education (教育部)
  5. Ministry of Science and Technology (科学技术部)Ministry of Science and Technology (科学技术部)
  6. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(工信部)Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(工信部)
  7. State Ethnic Affairs Commission (国国家民族事务委员会)State Ethnic Affairs Commission (国国家民族事务委员会)
  8. Ministry of Public Security (公安部)Ministry of Public Security (公安部)
  9. Ministry of State Security (国家安全部)Ministry of State Security (国家安全部)
  10. Ministry of Supervision (监察部)Ministry of Supervision (监察部)
  11. Ministry of Civil Affairs (民政部)Ministry of Civil Affairs (民政部)
  12. Ministry of Justice (司法部)Ministry of Justice (司法部)
  13. Ministry of Finance (财政部)Ministry of Finance (财政部)
  14. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (人保部)Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (人保部)
  15. Ministry of Land and Resources (国土资源部)Ministry of Land and Resources (国土资源部)
  16. Ministry of Environmental Protection (环境保护部)Ministry of Environmental Protection (环境保护部)
  17. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development(住建部)Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development(住建部)
  18. Ministry of Transport (交通运输部)Ministry of Transport (交通运输部)
  19. Ministry of Railways (铁道部)Ministry of Railways (铁道部)
  20. Ministry of Water Resources (水利部)Ministry of Water Resources (水利部)
  21. Ministry of Agriculture (农业部)Ministry of Agriculture (农业部)
  22. Ministry of Commerce (商务部)Ministry of Commerce (商务部)
  23. Ministry of Culture (文化部)Ministry of Culture (文化部)
  24. Ministry of Health (卫生部)Ministry of Health (卫生部)
  25. National Population and Family Planning Commission (计生委)National Population and Family Planning Commission (计生委)
  26. People's Bank of China (中国人民银行)People's Bank of China (中国人民银行)
  27. National Audit Office (审计署)National Audit Office (审计署)