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What is movie? Simply speaking, it is a dream. However, apart from glorious realty, the dream sometimes leads to bloodshed.
White House Spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday ruled out new gun control laws, saying U.S. President Barack Obama will focus on other measures to reduce gun violence.


  • ·A masked man opened fire and set off a smoke bomb at a theatre showing the latest Batman movieon July 20, 2012, Denver, Colorado. 12 theater-goers were killed and the 58 others were wounded.
Profile of the shooting suspect
  • ·James Holmes:
  • ·is a "shy boy" and grew in San Diego, California.
  • ·was a “smart student” but recently dropped out of the doctoral program on neuroscience at the University of Colorado.
  • ·legally purchased the four guns and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition before the shooting.
  • ·set a large number of explosive devices at apartment.
  • ·told police he was “The Jocker” after gunning down 12 at the Century 16 Movie Theaters.