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Video: tourist attractions see ticket price hike
In recent years, Chinese attractions constantly raised ticket prices and some spots even rose by more than 200 percent. Now, they ushered in a new round of prices increase......
*Ticket prices comparison:China VS foreign countries
Jiuzhaigou Valley costs 220 yuan

Eiffel Tower costs 91.2 yuan
Statue of Liberty is free
Napoleon Hall costs 78.8 yuan
50 yuan saved
Three Memorial Edifices of Confucius costs 185 yuan

Grand Canyon in the United States costs 75.6 yuan
Taj Mahal in India costs between 2.5 yuan and 13.8 yuan
Mount Fuji is free
Over 100 yuan saved
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China's top 10 most expensive tourist attractions

*Contrastive analysis: For example, it needs 25 U.S. dollars to visit the Yellowstone Park of the United States by car. An annual card sells 50 U.S. dollars and can be uses repeatedly. It only needs six euros to visit the Roman Colosseum in Italy. The natural landscapes in Japan do not charge fees. Their operations mainly rely on financial subsidies.

*Foreign tourism economy VS China's ticket economy

*PD Exclusive Commentary

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