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May Day Holiday Travel Guide: Water Town - Sail on the "Venice of the East"

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

13:25, April 26, 2012

Zhou Zhuang (

China’s Top Water Towns – Zhou Zhuang

Zhou Zhuang can be called as China’s No 1 water town. It’s located in Kunshan City, 30 kilometers to the southeast of Suzhou City. Occupying an area of just over half a square kilometer, most of the buildings in this town were built around the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Here in this town, you may see common traditional Chinese elements such as opera as well as its unique local features such as “bird fishing” performance. The place is a perfect explanation to what it was like in the Chinese poems about bridges, canals and residental buildings.

Apart from canals and bridges, Zhou Zhuang also has a great number of ancient historical sites and attractions.

Recommended Routes
Day 1 Twin Bridges – Fu’an Birdge – Zhenfeng Bridge – South Lake
Day 2 Hall of Zhang’s Residence – Hall of Shen’s Residence – Bai Xian Lake – Zhou Zhuang Fang - Qianfu Temple – Milou Tower - Ruyi Pagoda – The Former Residence of Ye Chucang - Chengxu Taoist Temple

Walking through the laneways and wandering along, or taking a boat ride will all be great ways to see this town.

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