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China's two sessions attract world media


13:54, March 03, 2012

It’s the biggest date in the Chinese political calendar - the annual two sessions of China’s top legislature and advisory body. As the 10-day event draws closer, journalists from China and abroad are gathering in the nation’s political epicenter of Beijing.

It’s that time of year again: China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress, or NPC, and advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, or CPPCC, are holding meetings in just two day time.

More than 3,000 journalists are gathering in the capital city, including hundreds from the U.S. and Japan. China’s fellow BRICS nations are also present, with Russia, India and Brazil all sending media representatives. And almost all are focused on the future of China’s economy.

A journalist from Itar-Tass News Agency, Russia, said, "I’m interested in many issues, mostly in economics. Because China’s economy has a large impact on the world now, economic development has become the foreign media’s top topic. "

A journalist from Die Welt newspaper, Germany, said, "Out top concern is how China’s going to continue its economic reform."

A journalist from Novosti Press Agency, Russia, said, "We will focus on the government’s work report, and its expectations and projections."

All eyes will be on Premier Wen’s government work report, which concludes the work completed as he nears the end of his term in office. The two sessions will be followed by the 18th National Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China, which will result in the highly-anticipated reshuffling of China’s top leadership.


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