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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

(People's Daily Online)

10:23, May 11, 2012

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the nearest snow mountain to the equator in the Northern Hemisphere, the highest mountain in Yun Ling Mountain Range of the Heng Duan Mountain System, and its elevation is 5,596 meters, where it is covered by snow all year round. It crosses about 35 kilometers from north to south, about 25 kilometers from east to west. The thirteen peaks arraying in turn seem to be a white huge dragon occurring in the sky, so it gains the name of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its danger, oddity, elegance and beauty, and with the change of seasons, it becomes cloudy or sunny day and night and has a spectacular sight. Xu Xiake, the geographer and famous traveler in the Ming Dynasty, praises it see the jade dragon hanging alone on the mountain, bobbling among the gullies, and protruding among all mountains. And he composes a poem for it the northern sky is so near and far to the eyes of the jade dragon, which breaks up the imaginary space and has the snow of ten thousand years; the marble pillar cannot make the sea crane surprised, where Kongtong only can match the small fairies. When Li Jing, the ambassador of declaring comfort in the Yuan Dynasty reached Lijiang, he was moved deeply by the sceneries of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, so happily writing a poem for it: The snow mountain in Lijiang is unique in the world, where it accumulates jades for thousands of piles; the feet set on the thick land and there is the large sky in the back, Heng Shan and Hua Shan really become two hillocks. It can be seen that the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is straightforward and vigorous, full of power and grandeur.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is also called Black and White Snow Mountain, because the joint of Two Horn Peaks in its south is connected by limestone and basalts, which is in sharp contrast. The shape of the glacier in the middle is like the wings of butterfly, called Black and White Jade Butterfly. The highest peak, Fan Steep, and the ridge opens in the shape of fan, so it gets the name, which gives people the feeling of rising steeply for thousands of miles, and it is the virgin peak that still has not been conquered yet. The right side of the highest peak is one large horn peak, just like a Buddha sitting one his heels, called the Buddha of the Snow Mountain. Each of other snow peaks, their model makings are distinct and too numerous to mention one by one. Below the snow peak, the modern marine mild glacier that is the lowest latitude in the world distributes, including hanging glacier, cirque glacier, serac forest and so on. The types of glacier are various. From the hilltop to the piedmont and valley, a large number of glacier erosion landforms and the glacial sediments in different periods can be seen, so it is extolled as Natural Glacial Museum by the experts.

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