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Cuisine of Shaanxi

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15:15, March 02, 2012

Shaanxi has a rather long history in food culture. Especially, Shaanxi snacks have been generally appreciated and highly praised by domestic and foreign people for their strong local flavor and rich variety. Due to favorable political, economic and cultural conditions, Shaanxi snacks have absorbed the essence of other places’ foods and integrated the food flavors of national minorities, thus boasting a wide range of varities and different flavors. Arriving in Shaanxi, you must have a taste of Youpo Chemian (also known as Biangbiang noodles), Saozi Mian (Qishan-style noodles with minced meat) and Hele noodles (a kind of noodles made from buckwheat or sorgum flour), as well as pita bread soaked in lamb soup, pita bread soaked in pig intestine soup, Rou Jia Mo (meat burger or meat sandwich), Shi Zi Mo (pita bread baked on hot stones) and Guokwei (baked pita bread). In addition, you also cannot miss the delicious snacks like Liang Pi (steamed cold noodles), juicy steamed stuffed buns, Zen Gao (rice and jujube cakes) and Huanggui glutious rice wine.


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