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Top Chinese admiral to visit US this year (3)

By Chen Weihua in Washington and Zhao Yanrong (China Daily)

08:40, July 22, 2013

Pan Zheng, a military scholar with the National Defense University of the People's Liberation Army, said the US invitation to China for the Rim of the Pacific exercise is of great symbolic importance in bilateral military ties.

"However, it is just the start, which does not mean substantial progress in that regard," he said.

Shen Dingli, vice-dean of the Institute of International Affairs at Fudan University in Shanghai, said such incremental improvement could be significant if it adds up over a period of time.

But he cautioned that the foundation is still fragile.

"The Obama government is still likely to sell arms to Taiwan during his remaining more than three years in office. If the US takes such a step, it will deal a heavy blow to the bilateral military cooperation," Shen said in his article published in Shanghai's Wenhui Daily.

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