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Harmony is the theme of China's ocean strategy (2)

(People's Daily Online)

17:08, July 17, 2013

In contrast to public media opinion and strategic and policy planning, which usually focus on the coastal waters of China, especially any disputed areas, the scope and implications of China's maritime practice is much broader. In fact, China's maritime activities spread across all the seas and oceans around the world.

China's ocean strategy must not be limited to the ocean space under its jurisdiction. Based on the international convention, there are opportunities for economic globalization and many others, replacing advanced warships with science and technology, developing the economy, making diplomacy the core management principle.

Changing times require that the rest of the world stop viewing China’s sea policy as through a glass, darkly, and cease from applying its old colonial standards, if it is to grasp the opportunities offered by the Chinese maritime revival and maintain good relations with China.

Neither China nor the rest of the world should focus excessively on China’s private territory of 3 million square kilometers, nor on China's growth as a maritime power. Instead we should focus on the comprehensive nature of China's marine ideals of science, technology, economic activity, and diplomacy. Only if we ourselves broaden our horizons and take the widest possible perspective can China turn into a genuine maritime power, and the world will gain a better understanding of this new 'marine upstart'.

Read the Chinese version:中国海洋战略主打“和”“合”牌(望海楼); source: People's Daily Overseas Edition, author: Hu Bo

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