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Graduation Season: Confessions of a PhD student (2)

People's Daily Online)  15:08, July 01, 2013  

(CNS/Jin Shuo)

In fact, a few people know where their potential is and cannot find directions until a certain time. For instance, researches cannot be drawn up, papers cannot be published. I believe every PhD student has the same feelings.

Through hard work, my researches got recognitions from top international journals and conferences. Sometimes, I would be invited to give speeches. It's encouraging, and I cherish these honors. I was awarded May 4th Medal by Peking University for my academic research achievements.

For many people, six years' PhD study is more than enough. However, I choose to continue my postdoctoral study. In different life outlets, your choice of employments may not be the same. For me, postdoctoral study is a kind of job, a process transforming a PhD student to a researcher. I want to follow such direction in my life.

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