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China is victim of hacking attacks (3)

By Li Xiaokun (China Daily)

08:17, June 05, 2013

After Mandiant, a Washington-based cybersecurity group, said in a report in February that the People’s Liberation Army sponsors hacking, US Cyber Command and National Security Agency chief General Keith Alexander told Congress in March that of the 40 new Cyber Command teams being assembled, 13 would be focused on offensive operations.

Gao Xinmin, vice-chairman of Internet Society of China, said: "The US is much more dependent on the Internet than developing nations, so it is fully understandable that they attach great importance to the issue."

"However, because of the lack of mutual trust, it is easy for some countries to blame hacking on other governments. And driven by some political needs, the dirty water is often poured onto China," Gao said.

The White House has announced that cybersecurity will be high on the agenda of President Xi Jinping’s meeting with US President Barack Obama this week in California.

CNCERT’s Huang said it is necessary to have multi-level talks, but the most effective way is to "start from the basic level" and beef up communication between frontline agencies, such as emergency response organizations, from relevant countries.

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