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China forms its first carrier-based aviation unit (2)


10:20, May 11, 2013

China’s first carrier-based aviation unit has been established in Northeastern China’s
Liaoning province.

To select the best pilots for the naval unit, experts from the air force, scientific research institutes, and the medical sector have gathered to evaluate the candidates. They need to pass several exams, some of which are as rigorous as for selecting astronauts. The candidates trained on a land-based runway that simulated the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, to ensure pilots got a near real life experience.

“Every aircraft pilot must carry out several training sessions before flying an aircraft. Support personnel specially arranged on the aircraft carrier also need to undergo rigorous trainings.” Liu said.

Starting from scratch, Chinese carrier pilots have developed an initial system for operating, organizing, and directing carrier based aircraft. And according to the Chinese military, future pilots will be selected from high school or college graduates who are able to pass theoretical training and simulated flight tests.

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