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China looks to youth to promote golf (3)


09:11, May 08, 2013

Golf courses in China should also strip themselves of unnecessary services, according to Liu Yanbin, vice principal of Beijing Shichahai Sport Training School,a place known for having produced many Olympic champions for China

"Caddies, golf carts, and other additional services provided to members will drive up the cost, but all these are not must-haves to play golf," he said.

In the basement of the school's building complex in central Beijing, coaches teach a dozen first- and second-grade students how to swing golf clubs and putt balls into holes on portable putting greens.

The training sessions last two hours and cost less than 100 yuan (16.25 U.S. dollars), compared to the 400 to several thousand yuan charged by golf clubs situated around the outskirts of the capital.

"I hope I can be as good as Guan Tianlang some day," said an 8-year-old boy surnamed Tian after the session.

Despite the success of Guan and his ilk, The CGA's Song urges parents to keep a cool head when charting the future path of their children.

"We hope golf can facilitate the healthy growth of Chinese youth and advise against playing golf at the expense of their study," he said.

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