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Finding poetry in a glass bowl (2)

By Zhou Yutong & Sun Ye (China Daily)

09:53, May 07, 2013

Bitan Piaoxue is an artistic tea both before and after brewing. (China Daily/Fan Zhen)

But do not linger too long, however poetic it may seems. Left in the cup too long, Bitan may become bitter, so it is best to drink it fresh in little glass cups.

Bitan, like most other scented tea made with flowers, is highly functional. Jasmine tea helps in diffusing bad qi and ridding the body of unhealthy elements. A slightly different version of Bitan made with peach blossoms is especially effective for weight loss, also ladies are reminded that it must be drunk in moderation.

Since green tea leaves are usually best available locally, properly scented tea is usually found only in the Sichuan neighborhood. For residents in Beijing, the next best scented tea is from Wuyutai, a trusted old name.

Zhou Yutong is the tea sommelier at Four Seasons Beijing.

If you go:

Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

No.48, Liang Ma Qiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125

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