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China reiterates support in health sector in Africa (2)


08:28, May 07, 2013

"We will actively explore the coordinated efforts with WHO, UNAIDS and other international organizations, and support new measures and initiatives for Africa's health development."

For his part, Botswana's health minister John Seakgosing said at the launch that since inception in 2009, the Roundtable on China-Africa health collaboration has set the tone for increased dialogue and cooperation between China and Africa.

"The roundtable on Africa-China health collaboration is yet another indication of China's unwavering support towards Africa," said Seakgosing.

He said that it is the first time that the Roundtable takes place in Africa. And also for the first time, the private sector, from China and Africa, will have the opportunity to network and build relations, and create opportunities for future collaboration.

"This is a welcome development. As we are all aware, the private sector plays a very important role," he said.

China and Africa have enjoyed a long history of cooperation in terms of health. Since China sent out its first medical team to Africa in 1963, China has exerted all means to assist Africa including building medical institutions, providing drugs and medical devices, organizing training sessions for Africa, and offering scholarships to assist Africa's health infrastructure building, capacity building and talent training.

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